Educational counseling

Small, precise insights can make all the difference 

For parents

Personal and societal values are in flux and transition, today more than at any time in history. How can we nevertheless provide strong, convincing guidance and protection to our children? Sometimes life seems so helter-skelter, at home, in school, with our children´s friends. Is that really unavoidable? How can we as parents best guide our children through these developmental highs and lows during such tumultuous times?
All too often we feel at our limit, and yearn, among other things, for the basis from which to better understand, distinguish, and weigh all the confusing and often contradictory issues. I love my child, but apparently that´s not enough. What does it all mean for an optimal guidance of our children towards a healthy and fulfilling life?

The questionsareusuallyvery individual, althoughthereareofcoursecertaintopicsthatcorrespondtoour time, ourconsciousness. In anycase,mothersandfathersandothereducatorsandguardiansalwayswanttodo thebesttheycan, andget bette rat it. This iswhereI canhelp.

For teachers and principals/headmasters

Todays questions and issues:

  • When I decided to become a teacher years ago I had ideals and hopes for myself and for my profession, for the future and for the children. What happened to it all?
  • I know of colleagues who have or had a burnout. Our burnout rate is the highest of any profession in Switzerland. Why? Do I have to be prepared for that too?
  • Year after year I expand my experience, participate in continuing education for teachers, involve myself within the team…still the stress of the job increases. How come? What can I, what can we do?
  • Everything seems to be in order at our school, everything works, everyone is friendly and supportive…still, something is missing. We adjust and try new approaches and teaching materials, but the pupils have less learning-capacity, the colleagues have to call in sick more often, and the true potential of all involved appears more unfulfilled than ever.

Background and philosophy

After decades as a teacher at public and private schools, universities and institutes, both foreign and domestic, I have developed a holistic and sustainable perspective on child-development andbiography, education and schooling, as well as a sensible approach to life.

Goals and paths to raising healthy children, the reduction of tensions and exhaustion, achieving harmony in relations within families and to the school, as well as setting realistic goals for academic wishes and hopes, are at the core of my work with clients.

Insights into the development of humanity during the last 200 years, as well as that of compulsory schooling since its inception around the middle of the 19th century, help me to coach parents, teachers, principals/headmasters, and politicians/administrators towards clear directions for new, sustainable and future-oriented approaches to raising and educating children and young adults.

Fees (in CHF)

3 Hours (with brakes as needed) 350.-
2 Hours (with break) 250.-
1 Hour 140.-
First Session for getting to know each other (45 Min.) 60.-

Telephone consultations over 5 minutes are charged at CHF 2.50 per minute.

Email consultations are charged at CHF 2.- per minute.

I reserve the right to initiate a telephone call back if there are any ambiguities that may arise due to the Emai mode, which I charge accordingly.Phone and email consultations are generally used only for emergencies or conceptual clarifications and queries.

Every householdshouldbeabletoaffordmyparticipation.That’swhyyoupaywhatyouareable. The guidelineiswhatyouearnyourself, but thisis not binding.

Manyclients, whentheadvicehasproventobetrulyhelpfuland/or transformative, will pay an additional donationtosupportthiscostapproachforthose in need.

Costsforinstitutionalclientsaredevelopedjointly in thepre-consultationphase.

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